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Book 2

The half-moon shone brightly, radiating through the clouds and tickling the branches in the woods. The air was thick and unforgiving.

Samuel the Great slinked through the pebbles on the side of the riverbank, maintaining as much composure and decorum as possible despite his furious rage at his own community. Though making as little noise as possible, he creeped up onto one of the large rocks using his blistered green hands, and hesitated for a moment to retract his hands underneath his body.

He took a deep breath. What a year. The torment of his responsibilities for the forest have come to an end. Or so everyone thinks. He looks back in awe in how he was able to seize the moment of leadership for all people in the wood. A bear could do it, an eagle could do it, perhaps even an owl. But a lizard like him? Unlikely. Yet he proved even the flamingos of the Far Swamp wrong in that he could rule everyone for one whole century and create a paradise for all involved.

Samuel’s hands clenched into a fist and slammed the rock. He was not going to take no for an answer. He predicted within a matter of minutes, even seconds, that the meeting was about to begin. He could even see a flicker of torches, all in one line, marching in the distance.

He creeped behind the rock as to not attract attention to the mob. He had to devise a way watch the meeting unnoticed.

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:23 pm

But his mind wondered. There were new candidates now; a few eligible and educated mosquitoes were running for Samuel's prestigious post. They studied at the elm tree swamp, gained prized scholarships for their academic excellence and won awards for their contributions to butterfly needles. They knew how to please, and learned leadership from the hyenas. All of which Samuel didn't.

A light flickered and a sole macaw screeched. The meeting begun...

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