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A wonderful acne treatment called Salicylic Acid

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Wed May 08, 2019 6:08 pm

Surely, if you learn about salicylic acid, you may realize that this is an acid used in treating acne quite effectively. To explain why it is so capable of treating acne, please refer to the article below.
Mechanism of action of salicylic acid in treating acne

This is an oil-based acid form, so when applied to the skin surface it can easily penetrate the pores, because of its acidity, it is capable of breaking impurities or dead cells. contained inside the pores, thereby limiting pore obstruction causing acne. Salicylic acid also has the ability to control excessive amounts of excess lubricants exerted on the skin.

From there, we can see that salicylic actually does not have much impact on acne, nor does it directly reduce the condition of acne on the skin. In fact, this type of acid mainly reduces or prevents the factors that make up acne primarily.

Salicylic acid when used on the skin because many different concentrations will bring different possibilities for the skin. From a concentration of 0.5-1%, it provides the ability to gently remove dead skin cells and cleanse the skin gently without much impact on the skin. When salicylic acid levels reach 1-2%, we can use it for skin care. The highest level of the highest concentration is 3% for heavy work such as removing and treating stubborn warts.

Salicylic acid is suitable for all skin types

If we calculate the appropriate concentration, we can use this acid in all skin types. However, the highest level of salicylic acid with oily skin is highest.

In addition, dermatologists also give warnings for 3 skin types should not use salicylic acid:

- Type of skin at a level of less sunshine, skin color from beige to brown
- The skin type does not catch the sun, the skin is almost brown
- The skin type does not catch the sun and is black

Things to keep in mind when taking salicylic acid to treat acne

In cases where the body is deficient in zinc, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using. Also avoid using at moles and birthmarks.
You may not know but salicylic and aspirin will have quite similar effects on the human body. This acid can make you suffer from Reye's syndrome, it can lead to asthma, aspirin sensitivity or more serious can cause death.

Anyway, it is an acid, so using it excessively can make the skin thinning gradually over time, making the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet rays of sunlight and harmful factors. for the skin in the surroundings. So you need to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with salicylic acid to protect the skin best.

Even after your acne is gone, you should also keep your routine of using it to bring the best effect to your skin. Because the circulation by skin condition releases lubricant, impurities that obstruct pores always appear and never stop completely, so you need to continue to use acid-containing acne products. salicylic regularly.

Finally, when applying salicylic acid, you should not use products that contain the following ingredients: retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, calcipotriene. Also do not use strong cleansing products and cosmetic products that can be used to exfoliate, tighten or dry skin.


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